About us

About us

At campo Alacaluf you will be welcomed by Katrin and Thomas, a German couple who emigrated from Jena and Munich.

On a one year trip to the most beautiful ends of the World our attitude to our domestic civilization changed so drastically, that we made the decision to buy a little spot of virgin forest in order to start a completely different life. After evaluation of our photos and travel diaries it was certain: that it has to be Patagonia, especially the Carretera Austral.

For the realization of our dream the only thing missing was a little bit of cash. Hard work, no holidays, neither cinema, nor restaurant etc... Finally, in the year 2001 we could start to look for a piece of land.

In Santiago we bought a little pickup – camper which should serve as our dormitory for the next three years. The search for land was to get more difficult as we thought until we met a Canadian cyclist who raved about a new sideroad of the Carretera Austral- leading to Bahía Exploradores.

There, in the middle of the temperate rain forest our pickup got stuck in a small stream and it was pouring rain on us. So a stay was necessary. A sign? The next day was clear and sunny and we discovered that a little sign was connected to a huge coigüe – tree, saying "For Sale". Now our dream became true.

We bought this little paradise with the aim to build a comfortable place to stay for all friends of nature. In November 2004 and after 36 months of manufacturing wood and constructing the guesthouse,  Campo Alacaluf opened up for the rest of the World.

If you got curious about us by now then come by for a visit during your Patagonia – trip. Thomas will tell you interesting of stories about our life as "pioneers", while Katrin prepares some delicious meal for you.