Lagune San Rafael

National Park Laguna San Rafael

Beginning in 2011 it is now possible to reach the famous "Laguna San Rafael" on a much more direct route traveling through the Exploradores valley.

Different tour packages are offered: you could choose the day trip to the Laguna San Rafael or as well more adventurous endeavors of up to three days including some trekking and possibly kayaking in the National Park.

You will have to bring your own warm and windproof clothing, the rest like special equipment and food is included in the tour fare. 

At the moment, all excursions/ tours are starting from a place called Teresa ( confluence of rivers Teresa and Exploradores) at km 78 of the road from Puerto Rio Tranquilo to Bahia Exploradores.

From there, you will be shuttled over the rio Exploradores by boat and then for about 8km by a small van until you reach Bahia Exploradores / Puerto Grosse.

The travels then continue using safe vessels ( either a Zodiac type semirigid or a hulled boat with cabin for 8-12 passengers) following the fjords to the South, navigating the tight Canal Tempanos until you reach the Laguna San Rafael. 

Floating Icebergs in the laguna await you and quite often you can experience quite a spectacle when big chunks of blue ice fall off the San Rafael glacier, calving directly into the Laguna.

For our guests we offer to arrange for those excursions to the Laguna San Rafael. You can always ask for our ideas and suggestions.