1. - Exploradores Glaciar.

In a distance of 8 km from the guesthouse you can visit the Exploradores Glacier, one of the huge icetongues flowing off the mountain San Valentine - which is about 4000 m high - thus the highest peak of the Patagonian Andes. This glacier constitutes the most northern and at the same time most easy accessible glacier of the second largest continental icemass of the world, the northern and southern Patagonian Icefields.

Following excursions we can recommend:

-Walk to the final moraine with its sightseeing platform by your own (1 hour to be back at the car-park).
-Icetrekking along the glacier with guide and equipment (6-7 hours to be back at the car-park).
-Icetrekking with one night in tents on the glacier with guide and equipment (2 days).

2.- Visit the famous Laguna San Rafael

3.- Capilla de Marmol  (Marble-Chapel).

Use a day trip to Pto. Rio Tranquilo for a visit to the Marble-Chapel, a curious rock formation in the Lake General Carrera formed by wind and water and only to be reached by watercraft. Trips by boat are offered in the village and as well five kilometers to the South of the village of Tranquilo in a quiet and safe inlet called "Bahia Mansa". You could share the boat charter with others up to 6 persons fit into one boat.

4.- Nature Trail of Campo Alacaluf

5.- Flyfishing

6.- Special Tours.

For special  tours within the valley or in the whole region of Aysén we can recommend www.colibriventura.cl who account for professional multilingual guides with a lot of experience in our region (English-Spanish-German).

7.- Expeditions.

If  you are stimulated for the ultimative adventure and you are fit for special tours over the icefields have a look to: www.mountaineeringtrainingschool.com